Sterling Silver is a precious metal, therefore it requires special care to preserve its appearance and elongate its life. Our pieces are the industry standard of .925 Silver. Tarnish can occur if your piece is left exposed to heat, humidity or if it comes in contact with abrasive materials. When not in use, keep jewelry stored in a dry, cool place inside the provided pouch. Avoid contact with chlorine, bleach, cosmetics or strong chemicals as it can stain jewelry & other gemstones. Use a microfiber dry cloth to polish away tarnish or to clean your jewelry pieces.





Wipe clean with a wet or damp microfiber or cotton cloth. Natural variation of colors may occur as all of our items are handcrafted. Do not use abrasive products or bleach-based products. Test any cleaner in an inconspicuous place for color fastness. If wet, allow the handbag to dry naturally, do not apply heat as it might bend the palm tree. Do not wash in the washing machine. Do not tumble dry.




Avoid direct contact with water. If contact with water happens, lightly pad dry with a clean dry microfiber cloth and allow for natural drying. Do not apply heat as it will affect the shape of the hat and compromise the suede fabric. Avoid rubbing too hard or for too long to prevent damaging of suede fabric. Do not sit or bend on hat. Handle with care. Professional dry clean only. Before using any spray or other products, test in an inconspicuous place for color fastness.